Company Store


It’s an efficient way to manage and order your branded merchandise.  Offering you, your colleagues and your customers full access to your pre-approved products 24/7. We produce, Print, Store, Pack and Ship all orders. Our company stores are scalable to grow with your business and meet any and all needs you may have.

So you have offices in more than one location, and you want to make sure that all marketing material used companywide meets your approved brand guidelines.  A company store makes it easy to keep all marketing material uniform across the board so you can be confident in knowing your brand is represented exactly as intended.  We are your 1-STOP-SHOP.  Gone are the days of needing one vendor for this and one vendor for that, consolidate all of your printing, promotional, apparel, retail and marketing needs in one place and save time and $$$$.


An E-Commerce store and company store are basically the same thing.  Our company stores are for use with our clients and customer’s wo have a need for streamlining their internal company processes. Our E-Commerce stores are designed with the consumer in mind as it is utilized to sell YOUR branded merchandise online direct to consumers.  We handle everything for you, Design the site, Print the merchandise, Store the inventory, Process credit cards, and send you all the PROFIT$.


BRAND MANAGEMENT – Manage your brand on one of our company store websites. An image of the exact product that will ship is uploaded on your site so that you, your employees or your clients will know what your branded logo will look like before the order is even placed. Being able to see a virtual proof of the product is just one of the many benefits to having a company store with SL Diversified Printing.

COST ANALYSIS  – All purchases made through the company store are automatically stored and easily traceable, which makes managing your current and future budget that much easier.

TIME SAVING – By using our company store there’s no need to worry about products getting where they need to go. As soon as an order is placed our team is notified, we gather the goods ordered and drop ship the products directly to the purchaser. This saves you time and money by freeing up staff to focus on other aspects of your business.


EASE OF ACCESS & ORDERING – The integration and automation of the online store and our warehouse ensures quick access and distribution of all corporate approved merchandise.

CONTROL BRANDING – All branded merchandise is pre-approved to ensure that logos and merchandise are of the best quality and meet your corporate branding guidelines.

CONTROL & REDUCE COSTS – Costs are controlled by using our centralized system to purchase branded merchandise we make it possible to allocate budgets and approve orders by specific branches, departments or location in your company.

SAVE TIME – Don’t waste time ordering branded merchandise. With an online store, you will have instant access to corporate approved branded merchandise 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

ORDER TRACKING – Stop guessing when your orders will arrive. All orders can be tracked online 24/7.


All products are stored at our fulfillment and distribution center. Making order processing and custom kitting projects quick and easy. We guarantee all order will ship within 24 hours of being placed. All inventory is viewable online and inventory is live/automatically updated as soon as an item is ordered, fulfilled and shipped.


We offer templates for very simple sites, but we also have the ability to build you a fully custom company store or e-commerce solution. Speak to one of our specialists to go over the options and determine what is the best fit for your business.


7 DAYS A WEEK – Our services were designed to make your ordering process easier and more streamlined. We are happy to help, and we have a customer service representative available 7 days a week for any needs that you might have.


OVERVIEW – We Produce, Print, Store, Pack and Ship all orders from start to finish. We also run your website and process payments for you. Making it simple and easy. We Custom Tailor our services to exactly what you need.

COMPANY STORE / RETAIL DISTRIBUTION – Placing and managing orders for corporate needs and retail stores just got way easier via a company store through SL Diversified Printing. When using our company store you know what products and services were fulfilled, where, when, and why, including how and how many were shipped. You will have the right answers for all aspects of your brand at the right time — exactly when they’re needed.

E-COMMERCE – Sell your merchandise to consumers via our E-commerce store. We run all aspects of the store for you. We design the site to your exact specifications and run all order processing, drop shipping and returns. We do all the work and you sit back and make $$$$ off your brand.


CONTACT US – For a demo on how a company store can work for your business. We will show you exactly how the company store works and how it can help your business today.



1. Tell us what your needs are.

2. Choose a template or have us build you a fully custom e-commerce store.

3. Choose products to be inventoried in our warehouse/offered on your sites.

4. Start selling today!


1. Design, Produce, Print, Store, Process, Pack and Ship.

2. Warehouse products for you so you don’t have to take up storage space.

3. Handle all processing of orders including taking the order online, processing credit cards, bookkeeping & Monthly reporting.

4. Package all products ordered by consumers and drop ship orders directly to purchaser.

5. Distribute your marketing and retail items in line with your needs.

6. Send you profits, $$$$ every month for all of the orders placed on E-commerce stores during that month.

7. Keep you updated on when to restock inventoried products, track and alert you to what products are your best sellers, live inventory updates.

8. Make the entire order process quick and easy.