How We Can Help



SL Diversified Franchising is “Changing the way you Franchise.” SL Diversified Franchising is revolutionizing the franchise industry! Our Franchise in a Box ™ system has changed the game when it comes to new unit set-up. Your franchisee can know order everything they are required by the franchisor to open their new location, saving them time and money! No more negotiating with multiple vendors and waiting on multiply deliveries.

You can now have everything you need to open and get down to business! This is how we can help your franchisors and their franchisee!


  • Saves Franchisees money and time.
  • Provides additional Value to your brand.
  • Provides quick new store openings.
  • Cost effective to the franchisor.
  • Allows the franchisees to effectively reduce their start-up and operating cost.


  • Eliminates the time needed to order individual store items.
  • Provides time for franchisees to concentrate on their core business.
  • Time saving process of ordering new or replenish items.
  • One-time deliveries…no more waiting on several deliveries over several weeks.
  • Lessens the time to open a new location.


  • One marketplace for franchisees to shop.
  • One source to provide all the items.
  • Consistent 24/7 support for franchisees and franchisors.


  • SL Diversified can house all your Franchise in a Box ™ Items. Our system allows for us to house your new location items all in one centralized location. You have 5 locations opening? No problem! We will package your items, place them on pallets, and ship your 5 orders directly to your franchisees new locations.
  • SL Diversified Franchising can also house your everyday items for reorder when you need them. We can house your paper products, toners, pens, and everything else to make sure you are stocked.
  • Franchisors spend thousands of dollars yearly on transportation cost traveling to and from Expo’s and conventions. SL Diversified can house your trade show items and have them shipped directly to the convention or Expo site. We can also provide all trade show items for your franchisees as well.