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When you begin working with SL Diversified Printing, you’ll see we do a lot more than just sell you products. We work with you sharing our vast expertise to help you build a promotional marketing campaign. We help you to find products that will best represent your company, reach your target audience.

  • In a recent study 52% of people given a promotional product, ultimately did business with that company. The remaining said they were more likely to do business with the advertiser in the future becasue of the gesture.
  • Promotional products also have great longevity as consumers keep branded merchandise for an average of 7 months. This is a key advantage over other forms of advertising.
  • The cost per impression of branded merch is statistically less than that of TV, magazines and newspapers. Average TV view cost 1.8¢, in comparison average promotional item cost .6¢.
  • PROMO2 benefits2

    We have Options

    Our collection at SLD features millions of promotional products whether you are looking for traditional or the newest & trending items.

  • Purposeful Products

    Have our design team brand office supplies, tech accessories, drinkware, bags etc. with your logo to promote your company everyday!

    PROMO2 benefits2
  • PROMO2 benefits2

    Advance Your Brand

    In any marketing strategy, exposure is key. Ensure a return on investment, customize items that people will use everyday like phone cases, pens, keychains etc.

Diversify your reach;

BRAND anything with your Logo.

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Here are some examples of what your promo products could look like.