Promotional Products

Promotional Products remind people of your brand. When people use your promo items it lets others know your brand / business / cause exists. We use our expertise to get you what you need to build up your marketing campaign. We help you to find products that will best represent your company and reach your target audience.

  • In a recent study 52% of people given a promotional product, ultimately did business with that company. The remaining said they were more likely to do business with the advertiser in the future becasue of the gesture.

  • Promotional products also have great longevity as consumers keep branded merchandise for an average of 7 months. This is a key advantage over other forms of advertising.

  • The cost per impression of branded merch is statistically less than that of TV, magazines and newspapers. Average TV view cost 1.8¢, in comparison average promotional item cost .6¢.

  • PROMO2 benefits2

    We have Options

    Our collection at SLD features millions of promotional products whether you are looking for traditional or the newest & trending items.

  • Purposeful Products

    Have our design team brand office supplies, tech accessories, drinkware, bags etc. with your logo to promote your company everyday!

    PROMO2 benefits2
  • PROMO2 benefits2

    Advance Your Brand

    In any marketing strategy, exposure is key. Ensure a return on investment, customize items that people will use everyday like phone cases, pens, keychains etc.

Diversify your reach;

BRAND anything with your Logo.

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Here are some examples of what your promo products can look like.